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Listen, Read, Learn the Language Structure and Get to Know Our Culture

Listen to native speakers and get fluent fast. Learn grammar rules to get proficient. Find out about our habits and culture.


Listen to how Portuguese letters and words are pronounced so that you sound like a native...

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Learn the basic Portuguese words and expressions necessary for everyday communication...

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Learn grammar, so that you can communicate correctly and be understood...

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You can't learn a language without learning about its country's culture, they are interconnected...

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Listening and Reading

Listening will help you improve your pronunciation and speaking skills. Listening to authentic materials will help you speak naturally using the phrases natives use. Get the right accent, intonation and stress to sound like a native. Learn the unique sounds of the Portuguese language, listen and repeat them until you are happy with the results.

On the other hand, reading will help you increase your vocabulary, learn collocations naturally and improve your ability to express yourself either speaking or writing. Don't forget idioms and beware of false friends!

Language Structure and Culture

To communicate meaning correctly you need to know basic grammar rules. Studying grammar will help you understand your target language, and speak, read and write better. Word formation, word order, the sound system, semantics and syntax are all important fields to master.

Language is part of culture, so now that you have learned the basics, and to avoid the risk of misunderstanding and being misunderstood when you interact with natives, let's find out a bit more about Portuguese traditions, cuisine, literature, music and other cultural aspects of our society.

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