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Below you can find more information about how to book a lesson with me

Where to find me

I have been teaching European Portuguese online since July 2012.

Nowadays you can find me online here .

I usually use Skype, but there are other possible video conferencing platforms.

If you prefer to book directly with me, please contact me with details.


"It was a very good lesson. Fernanda was helpful and patient. Fernanda also prepared a document, which looked at problems I had identified in our previous lesson. Muito bem."

"Fernanda is the best Portuguese teacher I have had on italki: I have had conversations with several pleasant tutors and tried other professional lessons, but she is always reliable, punctual, prepared and takes an interest in her students. She helped me during a 3-month Portuguese challenge and gave me plenty of material to work with. I highly recommend Fernanda."

"Like always, Fernanda was perfectly prepared and could answer all my questions perfectly!"

"A aula foi muito interessante: falámos do Natal, do Ano Novo e também dos caretos de Podence e doutros bens patrimoniais já na lista da UNESCO, de Aveiro, de Florença e de Veneza. A Fernanda é uma professora ótima, muito paciente e as aulas dela são sempre muito estimulantes e divertidas!"